About Our Harley-Davidson® Motorcycle Dealership

Co-owners of Black Diamond HD®, Rodney Cabaness and Shad Zimbro, both Sesser, Illinois natives, have been life-long friends and realized a dream they've had since childhood - to own and operate a business together. In August of 2007, the doors of Black Diamond HD® opened at 2400 Williamson County Parkway, in Marion, Illinois.

Harley-Davidson® is a premier brand, and to become a retailer in Southern Illinois for such a strong company was an opportunity that the two friends couldn't pass up. The name Black Diamond HD® was chosen from the several things that encompass our area. Sesser, Illinois has the Black Diamond HD® Conference, Marion, Illinois had the Black Diamond HD® Mine, and coal is often known as Black Diamond HD®. So the name seemed like a perfect fit.

The Black Diamond HD® mission is to make sure that every customer is completely satisfied. If we can continue to do that, hopefully, we will continue to be successful and grow as a business. According to both the owners they are 100 percent focused on satisfying the customer. Black Diamond HD® takes pride in offering a huge selection of new and pre-owned bikes for their customers to choose from which is why we keep the largest inventory in the Midwest. We also believe in having great prices and a motorcycle to fit any budget.

Black Diamond HD® is unique in that it will accept not only motorcycles as trade-ins from customers but also cars, trucks, boats, campers, ATV's, and just about any item of value including land and a quarter horse.

Shortly after the motorcycle dealership opened, it was obvious more room would be needed. So Cabaness and Zimbro purchased 3.2 acres of land in April 2008, to construct a new facility to support the company's growth.

The two-story, 33,000 square foot building is located behind the store at 2400 Williamson County Parkway on the recently re-named Black Diamond HD® Drive. The new building includes storage and facilities to recondition non-Harley-Davidson® motorcycles or anything else traded in. It has also hosted many events such as Bret Michaels and Vince Neil live in concert, mixed martial arts contests, professional wrestling, even dog shows, and various fundraisers for the community.

"We've been so fortunate with the support we have had from our customers and all of Williamson County. Our success is due in large part to the hard work of our employees."Said Cabaness. "We also believe we treat our customers right and the word of mouth has spread." Said Zimbro.