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  • "I have been dealing with Black Diamond for a little over a year now, mostly with the service department and a few parts. I have been treated with the utmost courtesy by all of the staff. Today (Sunday) while I was out riding with my buddies, my bike decided to act up and not start. Long story short, Jim in service came to pick up my bike and drop me off at home after his day was done at the shop. He did not have to do this, but he took the time to help me out, and I could probably say he and others have gone out of their way to help others in similar situations. I can not be more appreciative of the service department at this Dealership! Thank you!"

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    Andy Chappell - Murphysboro, IL
  • "Amazing customer service from everyone involved. Buying a bike couldn't be any easier. Thank you to everyone at Black Diamond HD!!!"

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    Jon Ayres - Blue Ridge, GA
  • "I am in the automotive field and have been for years, meaning I have run into or heard just about every complaint. The guys at Black Diamond are great. Went in to purchase a starting battery, the parts guy was busy, from being in there quite often I believe it was the finance manager that stepped in to help me. I just wanted a starting battery, instead, he offered to test it instead of just sell me one. Cool dude. It was still good but had very low reserves. This allowed me to make the decision about whether or not I wanted to purchase one and I did! That thing had been in there since 2008! Great battery, great service. BTW see Nick Hill if you need a motorcycle."

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    Jeffrey Crummel - Marion, IL
  • Overall Rating:
    Dustin Hamilton - Marion, IL
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