SUN 11-4
SUN 11-4

Our Harley-Davidson Sales, Parts & Service Staff

Rodney "Loch Ness Monster" Cabaness. Rodney gained this moniker because, much like his namesake, he is often talked about but rarely seen in person. This is not even a photograph, but rather an elaborate artists rendering based on a few eye-witness accounts. Shad "How do you spell that" Zimbro. Shad wanted to provide his own caption: Helo evryone, I shure do apresheate evryones suport. We our very thankfool two half sow many onederful custamers.
Jeremy "Pinky" Pinkston is our Director of Business Development and Marketing. You might think his nickname has something to do with his last name. However, we can neither confirm nor deny this theory. All we can say for sure is he insisted that the water was freezing when he went on that skinny dipping trip.Mark "House" Rady. Mark is our Warehouse Manager. The warehouse is "his house" and nobody makes him bleed his own blood in his house...the house that Rady built.
Tom "Concentration" McRill. Tom is usually too busy tuning bikes to perfection to talk. He has a long history of repairing and customizing motorcycles and it is rumored that during his spare time he writes publications for "Biker" magazine. Something he will neither confirm nor deny.TK "Love Machine" Klein. TK wanted to use this opportunity to let the women out there know that there is only one of him. So patient, he will get to each of you as soon as he can.
Erik "E.O." Owens. No Erik's head is not as large as a small planet. He wanted us to assure everyone that the camera we were using was adding about 20 pounds to everyone. In Erik's case the entire 20 pounds was added to his head. Seriously, his head is not much larger than a medium size weather balloon or a compact car. Charlene "Drawstring" Hudson, is a heavy investor in the Hanes clothing line. She commonly refers to her one pair of sweatpants as her dress sweats, casual sweats, work sweats, school sweats, sleep sweats and sweatin' sweats. Wtih her clothing choice we have deduced that she knows not how a button or zipper function. If it has a drawstring it's on! She likes 'em teeny and toastie!
Sarah "Atom Bomb" Porter. What can we say except "The Port" has a lot of energy. In fact, if you ever see us chasing her with a tranquilizer gun don't worry...that's how we administer her medicine.Luc "The Professional" Bethel. Luc used to be known as "too cool" but he got tired of our little games and decided to get all serious on us. He is a real numbers ninja.
Steve "Scuba Steve" Donovan is a good roller skater. He skates real good, he has moves you've never seen before.Gordon "Tiger" Wilson has been known to have dirty paws. There has been a drought at the game preserve where his handlers keep him, so a bath is hard to come by and he's been forced to wash in a communal watering hole. RrArrrr! (Tiger growl)
"Craig" works in our Parts and/or Service Departments. After all his years of handling cardboard, he was able to build his lake front club house on Crab Orchard Lake. He's known as "The Donald" of cardboard club house real estate. Keith "Slick" Walker. They call him SLICK because can take a possum's head slick off at 100 yards and cook it for dinner for you.
Jeremy "Donk" Davis. Jeremy told us to call him "Donk". Since he is bigger, stronger, and in better shape than the rest of us, we just did what he told us to do and did not ask questions.Nic "Plushy" Hill. Nic is always looking for a new pet. He swears the stuffed animals can talk. Which would explain the conversations we hear him have when no one is around.
Linwood "Woody" Erb. We used to think Woody's lips were stuck to his braces which explained why he never quit smiling. We know now (after losing the braces) that his smile is a direct result of his happiness with his job. Thanks Woody...Black Diamond loves you too!
Josh "T.M.I." Ervin, as awesome as he is, seems to provide a little "too much information" about himself when he tells stories. Amy "Hippie Chick" Bocook. What should we do to make Mother Earth a better place. "Recycle,Recycle,Recycle and plant flowers" Oh Oh and ride Harley-Davidson Motorcycles they are less polluting than any old car or truck"
Jackie "The Boss" Zimbro. We can't really talk about why Jackie is called "The Boss" but just know that she is.



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